my cozy airbnb was a half-hour walk to the historic plaza where the group met each morning, and i relished waking up before the sunrise and witnessing the sky blush into daylight as i walked along the river and main roads.
 finding more beauty in darkness. i rarely shoot at night, because i rarely wander around with my camera at night. this was a railway station on my walk home, and despite the severe lack of street lamps beyond the plaza, i felt perfectly safe.
 ghost ranch, where i wanted to lie down and do nothing but listen to the wind.
 i love looking for the nitty gritty details in vast landscapes.
 messing with my polarizer and turning the sky into water.
 the buttes of ghost ranch, capped with a layer of gypsum.
 we spent our last day at the eaves movie ranch, where i obsessed over the dilapidated architecture. this photo is a result of half an hour spent staring at a window and finally finding the best frame. layers upon layers upon layers.
 while waiting for our bus at the ranch, i peered through a broken window and was instantly hooked on this sight. there's something hauntingly beautiful about the darkness, and how the subtle light grazes the barely-textured walls..
 the paw of jessie james, pup at the eaves ranch.
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